Hearings begin Monday to determine if Colorado’s Neil Gorsuch will fill late Justice Antonin Scalia’s empty seat on the Supreme Court.

The Federal Appeals Court judge will deliver his opening state before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday. Before that happens, he’ll be introduced by Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado).

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Gardner joined us on 9NEWS Mornings to discuss the hearings and what a Gorsuch confirmation could mean for Colorado. You can watch the interview in the video above. A transcript is available below:

9NEWS: No doubt this is a big day for Colorado, and I’d imagine a really huge honor for you to introduce judge Gorsuch as a fellow Coloradan.

Gardner: You know, anytime your home state judge is picked to the nation’s highest court, it is a high honor and of course, this is the second Coloradan to have served on the nation’s highest court so it really is an exciting day for the Centennial State.

9NEWS: Senator Gardner, how long do you expect the confirmation to take?

Gardner: This is going to be a marathon. You know today, they start with 20 senators on the judiciary committee giving five minute opening statements, and Senator Bennett and I, my colleague from Colorado, will be introducing him along with another official … from the Obama administration, and then Judge Gorsuch will have the opportunity to have to finally address the American people in the judiciary committee and then we’ll spend the next two days with questions.

The first round, I believe, members on the committee are given 30 minutes each to question the nominee.

9NEWS: And it sounds like we know Judge Gorsuch has been praised by both sides as poised and as gifted, but today’s really an introduction, this is really a big day for the state of Colorado as well.

Gardner: It is, you know Justice Byron White was the last Coloradan to serve on the nation’s highest court and he was also an NFL leading rusher so while Neil Gorsuch doesn’t have the NFL career in his background, he does have the fact that he’s a fourth generation Coloradan, avid flyfisher, expert skier, somebody who understands the west, our water laws, somebody who understands our resources laws, somebody who understands Indian laws, and somebody who’s going to be a guardian of the Constitution and interpret the law – not try to make the law.