Denver's City Council is scheduled to vote on a $937 million bond package Monday.

A new animal hospital at the zoo, a health access center at Denver Health and more than 45 transportation projects worth more than $400 million are on the table.

Our partners at the Denver Business Journal say some city council members want more money and more projects in the package.

The city says the bonds would not raise taxes.

Here's look at where the money is going:

Parks and Recreation: $151,615,000 for new recreation centers, pools, parks and playground upgrades.

Repairs and upgrades to Denver cultural facilities: $116,907,000 for the DAM, the Denver Zoo, and theaters.

New health access center at Denver Health: $75,000,000

Upgrades to the public safety system: $77,011,000 covers new police stations, fire stations, and repairs.

Denver Public Library System: $69,434,000 covers upgrades and repairs

Denver public facilities: $16,500,000 for upgrades and repairs

Here's a longer breakdown of the projects:

City council meets at 2:30 Monday.