Gov. John Hickenlooper wrapped up a frenetic two-week period Friday in which he signed into law more than a dozen business-related bills affecting industries ranging from automobile sales to broadband to online pet-sitting websites.

The Democratic governor had until June 9 to sign or veto all of the bills passed by the Colorado Legislature this year or to choose to let them become law without his signature.

Everything business-related that crossed his desk is now set for enactment in state statutes — another piece of evidence speaking to what business leaders called the most successful legislative session they’ve experienced in more than 10 years.

Hickenlooper also signed a number of significant laws either during the session or shortly thereafter, including the widely hailed House Bill 1279, a five-year effort of business leaders and metro mayors that will reform construction-defects law in a way that should make developers more willing to put up attainable owner-occupied multi-family housing without fear of being sued.

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