A woman in Pueblo County says she got two ballots in her mail.

9NEWS reached out to the County Clerk who says casting two votes is always illegal, no matter how many ballots are sent.

Ballots across Colorado went in the mail October 17. Most registered voters should get one in the mail soon. Once voters get their ballots, it’s up to them to follow all the rules.

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz sent a message in response to our double ballot question.

“Yes she could attempt to vote twice, but only one ballot would be counted and she would be turned in to the DA for attempting to vote twice," Ortiz said. "It’s illegal to commit voter fraud, no matter how many ballots arrive in the mail.

He also said some property owners in Special Districts could get two ballots. One ballot would have the candidates and issues for where they live. And one would be for the single question in the Special District.