As President-elect Trump and his transition team begin preparations for the White House, analysts and writers have been quick with their own suggestions of what might be ahead.

Pot of economic gold at the end of Trump's rainbow?

Lindsey Piegza, chief economist at Stifel Financial Corp. in Chicago, offered her thoughts via email yesterday on the presidential election results — and what’s ahead:

“Shock...shock was the general tone of the media and the talking heads in reaction to last night's presidential election resulting in a conclusion opposite of the national polls. Now many have long assigned a level of legitimacy to national polls equivalent to those calling for Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow, but coupled with the lack of predictive power ahead of the Brexit, last night's Republican victory, for many, at least at this point, renders national polls virtually worthless.

Polling legitimacy aside, the American people have spoken, electing Donald Trump, a Washington outsider, the 45 th American President. In an electoral vote 276 to 218, the policies of the past propelled voters to the polls in search of an anti-establishment platform in what many are calling a ‘stunning victory.’ In other words, Trump now faces a heightened expectation of change and progress against the backdrop of stagnant economic activity, waning income growth and a growing divergence among ‘class lines.’”

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