A growing list of prominent Republicans want Donald Trump to quit the presidential race, but one thing is sure: the name “Donald Trump” will appear on the millions of ballots that mail out Colorado voters starting next Monday.

In Colorado, Sen. Cory Gardner, Rep. Mike Coffman, and U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn all called for Trump to step down as the party’s nominee.

Trump has signaled he intends to stay in the race. GOP leaders can’t force him to drop out, though he does have the option of quitting.

That would leave the leadership of the Republican National Committee to pick a replacement.

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The Colorado Secretary of State’s office confirms to 9NEWS that it’s too late to reprint ballots in the state. In fact, ballots have already been sent to Colorado’s military and overseas voters.

That leaves open the question of what would happen to votes cast for Trump in the event he were to step down.

The GOP could argue that votes for Trump should count toward the hypothetical new nominee, but such a scenario would put American electoral politics into uncharted territory with a court challenge likely.

Some have floated the idea of a write-in campaign for VP nominee Mike Pence, but write-in votes for him wouldn’t count in Colorado.

Under Colorado elections law, write-in candidates must file paperwork in order for write-in votes to count. That deadline passed months ago.

Trump will face Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate Sunday, which airs at 7 p.m. MT on Channel 20.