Like them or not, self-driving cars and trucks are already hitting the road in Colorado.

They're mostly test vehicles at this point, but the laws on the books need some updates before you can safely take your hands off the wheel.

A bill filed in the senate this week is a really basic law to get the ball rolling.

It bans local governments from making their own laws on this so we don't end up with a patchwork of rules as you drive across the state.

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Lawmakers are worried too many local rules would kill investments into testing in the state.

The bill also says self-driving cars and trucks are exempt from old laws that are clearly meant for human drivers.

Lastly, it sets up who's responsible for oversight as companies test out this technology.

The federal government has been pushing states to go deeper than that, addressing things like licensing and pedestrian rules.

It looks like Colorado is going to leave all that for another day.