If the Colorado Legislature passes a transportation tax-hike measure and get statewide voters to back it in November, a separate bill that is getting bipartisan support could allow more small businesses to be able to bid on that work.

Senate Bill 211 addresses the Colorado Department of Transportation's practice of having to pre-certify potential contractors to handle contracts of a certain size based on their expertise, equipment, personnel and financial statements.

That practice, said sponsoring state Sen. Ray Scott, precludes companies from larger contracts even if they obtain a bid-security bond that ensures the state will be covered financially if the contractor isn’t able to complete the project.

Scott, a home builder and Grand Junction Republican, believes the bonding companies tend to look more closely at the capability of the contractors because they are putting their money on the line for them. And he believes that companies that should be able to build on larger contracts in that instance — a practice that could increase competition for road work and likely could bring down the price the state has to pay for those projects.

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