Over the course of one fateful afternoon at the Colorado Capitol, both the oil and gas industry and opponents of the growth of that industry saw their top-priority bills so far in the legislative session die in separate committees on Wednesday.

On a party-line vote, the Republican-led state Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee nixed House Bill 1256, which would have pushed drilling rigs back to 1,000 feet or more from school-property lines, extending their current setbacks of 1,000 feet from school buildings.

About two hours later, the Democratic-held House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee used a similar party-line vote to end the journey through the Legislature of Senate Bill 35, which would have increased penalties for tampering with oil-and-gas pipeline equipment to felonies.

Bills dealing with the regulation of the oil and gas industry have been fewer this year than in past sessions, largely because almost no legislators see any chance that the divided chambers could come to an agreement over a subject that has become so partisan as drilling rights.

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