Vice President Mike Pence stood in front of a crowd at the Marriott in the Tech Center touting President Trump’s decisions.

Some prominent Republicans have criticized the president is recent days, and VP Pence called for “Republican unity,” adding that the “stakes are high.”

During his speech at the Colorado GOP fundraiser, he praised President Trump's tax plan, Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch, a Colorado native, and support for law enforcement.

Two weeks ago Pence left a Colts game when some San Francisco players took a knee and tonight he made a reference to those protests.

"I'm here tonight because I stand with President Donald Trump, I'm here because I stand with the Colorado Republican Party, and by the way, I always stand for our flag and our National Anthem,” said Mike Pence.

Before Pence arrived, dozens of women wearing red capes and bonnets lined the sidewalks to protest him.

They were dressed as Handmaidens from the book and now TV show ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ which depicts a dystopian society where women are the property of men.

This has become a popular form of protest at Mike Pence events.

The state GOP chairman previously told 9NEWS they cut prices for tickets to the fundraiser because of "popular demand” and they expected to exceed their projected attendance of 400 people.

There were 32 tables in the event and each sat 10 people with some empty spots at each table.