In contrast with a poll Wednesday that showed Colorado as a tie in the Presidential race, a new poll Thursday finds that Democrat Hillary Clinton is winning the state with a six-point lead over Republican Donald Trump.

The survey comes from Magellan Strategies, a Republican polling shop, and shows Clinton leading 44-38. Voters were also given the names of the Libertarian and Green party candidates.

The survey sample size is similar to the University of Denver poll released Wednesday, which showed a 39-39 tie between Trump and Clinton in a 4-way race.

However, the sample in the Magellan poll had some differences in demographics.

The DU poll, conducted by Floyd Ciruli (a 9NEWS political analyst,) captured a larger share of conservatives and had 9 percent of respondents identifying as Hispanic. The Magellan poll had 15 percent of its sample identify as Hispanic.

The Magellan figure is closer to the 14.5 percent of the state’s voting-eligible population that is Hispanic, according to research from the Pew Center.

The fight for Colorado comes down to the decisions made by independent voters in the state. The Magellan poll showed that group breaking for Clinton 39-29, but a recent poll from Remington Research (another Republican-leaning pollster) had nonpartisan voters breaking 45-37 for Trump.

Meantime, Republicans continue to narrow the gap in early voting turnout in Colorado.

With 1.4 million ballots already cast, Republicans have nearly eliminated that gap—behind Democrats by only one percentage point in ballots returned from voters registered with the major parties.