Mayor Michael Hancock will proclaim Tuesday the first ever Denver Immigration Day of Action during a ceremony on the steps of the State Capitol.

This is in response to recent federal action cracking down on people who are here illegally.

Denver is one of multiple cities across the country reaffirming the role of immigration in the community.

“Mayors across America continue to call on the federal government to enact comprehensive immigration reform and enforce the nation’s immigration laws in a human manner that does not disrupt the lives of our residents,” part of the proclamation reads. “Whereas due to federal inaction, to the detriment of our communities coast to coast and border to border, cities are the ones seeking strategies to protect and secure all their residents while ensuring that local law enforcement is focused on community policing.”

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The National Immigration Day of Action is led by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, a bipartisan organization.

This comes after a federal judge struck down a portion of President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban – something the Department of Justice hopes to appeal.

The initial iteration of the ban sparked protests across the country.

You can read Hancock’s proclamation on immigration below: