A Colorado congresswoman has alleged she was sexually assaulted by the former, but now disgraced, mayor of San Diego years ago.

Rep. Diana DeGette‏, a Democrat who represents Colorado's 1st district, spoke with MSNBC's Katy Tur and told her story on Monday during Meet The Press Daily.

DeGette‏ says Bob Filner, a former 10-term congressman, made unwanted advances on her before he became the mayor San Diego.

"Some years ago, I was in an elevator and then-congressman Bob Filner tried to pin me to the door of the elevator and kissed me and I pushed him away," DeGette‏ said.

"And of course some years later he left Congress [and] he became the mayor of San Diego and he had to leave that position for harassing younger women," DeGette‏ said.

According to the Los Angles Times, Filner's resignation came after more than a dozen women came forward during the summer of 2013 with allegations of sexual harassment.

A jury determined Filner had harassed a longtime city parks employee because of her gender.

Watch DeGette‏'s entire interview below: