When it comes to the presidential election, Latino millennials aren’t too excited.

A new study conducted by the Latino Leadership Institute at the University of Denver shows they’re not connecting with the candidates.

Not good news when you consider there are more than half a million eligible Latino voters in the state.

Millennials - adults in their lower 30s and younger - make up a big chunk of about 40 percent.

But they're just not going to the polls in big numbers.

Researchers think they know why they're staying away from the polls in Colorado even though they care about civic affairs.

They also care about jobs, the economy, immigration and a number of other issues.

But researchers say, while they may be vocal about causes, many young Latinos are not connecting with the candidates and just not voting.

Gabriel Sanchez, is a principal with a company called Latino Decisions and helped conduct the research.

Sanchez says millennials may see protest activities and social media as more powerful than voting.

A spokesman for The Latino Leadership Institute says the new data can now be used to target specific groups to help get millennials to the polls.

The Institute released the information at a symposium at the University of Denver Thursday night.