As tempting as it might be, Colorado voters should not take photos of or selfies with their ballots.

It is illegal in Colorado to show completed ballots to others - this includes posting photos of completed ballots on social media.

Colorado is one of many states that ban "ballot selfies."

The law states that "No voter shall show his ballot after it is prepared for voting to any person in such a way as to reveal its contents."

This isn't a new law, but the Denver District Attorney's Office said it's good to remind people in the age of social media.

"It seems kind of silly," office spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough said.

The whole purpose of the law is to guard against potential voter fraud and buying votes. The idea could be as simple as a bar offering free drinks if you voted for a certain candidate, and someone taking in a photo of their ballot to cash in.

Showing anyone a completed ballot, or a picture of one, is a misdemeanor offense.

A picture of a blank ballot is legal.

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