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A day after rallying supporters in the toss up area of Jefferson County, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump returned to Colorado for a second event.

This time he was in Greeley in the traditionally Republican Weld County for a rally in front of a crowd of around 3,000 people at the University of Northern Colorado.

It’s the homestretch for the presidential race and while Election Day isn’t until next week, the candidates are vying for the mail-in ballots sent to voters two weeks ago. Trump is hoping to earn Colorado’s nine electoral votes.

While some college students at UNC protested outside, others took a seat inside the Bank of Colorado Arena.

UNC seniors Shonnie Fisher and Adiam Habtemichael said they walked in the building as undecided voters.

“I felt that it was important to educate myself on what he stands for,” Fisher said.

“To get more knowledge. To continue learning both sides, what they’re really about," Habtemichael said.

They said they wanted to hear about education and the African American community. Trump spoke about both topics during his hour-long speech.

“As your president, I will go into the poorest communities and work on a national plan for revitalization," Trump said. "And to the African American community that lives, so many, in these inner cities, we’re going to help. It’s unsafe. You can’t walk to the store and get a loaf of bread. You get shot. It’s unsafe."

“That’s true," said Habtemichael in response to that comment. "That is true because we are getting shot in the street for doing nothing. For getting bread."

"The education’s no good and there are no jobs. And I always say it, I say give me a chance," Trump continued."

“He said our education system is so poor. I had a wonderful education and I went to a public school and I was in a predominantly black community," Fisher said.

At the end of the day some decisions were made.

“Definite vote for Hillary after this moment," said Habtemichael after the rally.

Others will still take a little more time to decide.

“I don’t know if I’m voting for Hillary but I can definitely say I won’t vote for Trump," Fisher said.

A representative of the Trump campaign suggested the students already had their minds made up before hearing the candidate.

“With all due respect to all of them, I think that their presence was not necessarily unbiased," said Jessica Baez-Denson, who is in charge of Hispanic engagement with the campaign.

Most of the people who attended the rally made their support very clear.

"This has divided the nation a lot and I'm hoping that we can get over that, after the election is over and start working towards a common goal," said Ryan Beyer, a Trump supporter.