Towers have risen, people have filled them up and cars have clogged the streets of Cherry Creek North for the past 26 years.

Ziady's Deli has been there through it all, and stepping through its doors is almost like stepping back in time. Not in a bad way, mind you.

Owner Gerard Rudofsky waits to greet every customer he can and before you know it, sipping on a soda and chowing down on one of Zaidy's house specials in a cozy booth, you start to feel like family with Rudofsky and the folks around you.

"We’re just a family-run restaurant, we’re part of the neighborhood," Rudofsky said.

Outside his deli's walls another change is taking place. The Cherry Creek North Safeway will shut its doors in January after serving the neighborhood for 51 years.

"When we would run out of things I would run over to Safeway," Rudofsky said. "It’s very convenient for us and I think it’s going to be a loss for the neighborhood."

Those quick trips for long-gone ingredients aren't what he's worried most about, though. He says there's a sizeable elderly population living nearby that relies on Safeway.

“Those elderly people are not mobile unless they walk and they can’t walk to Whole Foods and they can’t walk to King Soopers on South Cherry," he said.

Rudofsky doesn't worry about his lease being pulled out from under him. He's got another three years before that could become a problem.

Plus, he might be ready for a change himself when that time comes.

“By that time I might think of retiring," Rudofsky said with a smile.