Eating at the airport has officially gone beyond scarfing down an egg McMuffin during a long flight delay (and regretting it later).

Now, airports have actual … food – enough food for the internet to start doing what it does best and start ranking things.

There’s good news for folks traveling through the Mile High City: According to, DIA has the best airport food among the top 20 most-trafficked airports.

Their methodology involved looking at Yelp ratings, Zagat ratings and healthiness scores.

DIA came at No. 1 by a comfortable margin, getting first place marks for overall quality, and second in price and variety.

Root Down, the Cru Food and Wine Bar and Tapas Sky Bar got top marks.

The second best airport for food? Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Atlanta, Philadelphia and Houston’s airports rounded out the top five.

Newark, meanwhile, had the worst food, according to the rankings.

You can see the full list and see the full methodology here: