The Colorado State Patrol issued a warning Friday about a scammer who's pretending to be from the agency and soliciting donations on its behalf.

While CSP says it does work with several charities, CSP says it will never cold anyone for donations. It learned of the scam Friday afternoon when someone called them.

"A gentleman contacted us saying that he received a solicitation phone call from a party saying that they were a member of the Colorado State Patrol and soliciting funds on behalf of troopers," said Trooper Josh Lewis with the Colorado State Patrol.

The call came from the phone number 720-502-0269 and it not connected to the agency in anyway. CSP says it called that number several times but it rang busy every time.

"A little bit of research into it indicates that this phone number has been used multiple times over the course of multiple weeks representing multiple different agencies or organizations always trying to solicit funds," said Trooper Lewis.

So far they are not aware of anyone who has fallen victim to the scam. However, numerous people posted on the CSP Facebook page that they had received calls from the number in recent days.

CSP says if you do get a call from the number, ignore it and do not give out any personal information. They would also like you to notify them about the call.

"If you ever have any doubt, if you haven't donated to them before, if you don't know the person on the other end,  don't give out personal information. Don't give out financial information or promise a donation. You can always go back look it up online or contact that particular charity directly and they will give you the exact way to donate properly."