Two Coloradans have been chosen by NASA to go through its astronaut candidate training program.

Jessica Watkins and Lieutenant Commander Matthew Dominick were picked to join the NASA astronaut corps out of more than 1800 applications.

They will be part of a group of 12 that will undergo training for missions both into Earth's orbit and into deep space on the International Space Station.

Lieutenant Commander Dominick, who is from Wheat Ridge, serves in the US Navy.

He partly gives credit for his success to everyone back home in Colorado.

"I am really the product of everybody that I grew up with in my life. Growing up in Colorado, my family, my wife, my teachers, my mentors , those people are really the people that made me what I am today and I thank all of them for everything they contributed," Dominick said.

Watkins, who is from Lafayette, is already working on research for NASA through the Mars Science Laboratory rover "Curiosity."

She hopes to inspire young kids here in Colorado.

"I hope that young Coloradans will see that achieving your dreams is a possibility and being in Colorado you can be provided with this skill set and the tools to do that," said Watkins.

Doctor Francisco Rubio, a Major in the US Army who is currently serving as a surgeon for the 3rd Battalion of the Army's 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, was also chosen for the training program. He is originally from Miami.