The team that has been searching Mount Elbrus for Littleton Officer Steven Beare has suspended their search.

Don Bowie, an athlete from California who is leading the search effort, said in a Facebook post Friday that wintry conditions were hindering the search.

“Like in any search, a balance must be struck between finding the missing and continuing to put the lives of rescue teams at risk,” Bowie wrote. “As you can imagine, it’s a very fine line to walk, and the toughest of decisions to make.”

Beare was last heard from on June 14, when he planned to begin his climb up the 18,510-foot peak. He never called his wife like he planned to, and in late June – after two weeks of searching – Russian authorities called off their search.

Bowie has continued to look for Beare, and says a recent week of clear skies allowed his team to fly helicopters over the mountain.

“We found many articles of clothing, climbing gear, tents, fully-loaded backpacks, camping equipment – and even a bear,” Bowie wrote. “That’s right, a huge bear carcass found in a location and altitude that no bears ever go.”

They didn’t, however, find a trace of Beare.

Bowie’s team also found the bodies of five other climbers – including a woman who went missing 25 years ago.

Beare’s wife Olivia says she will continue looking for her husband until he is found.