Several searchers are still looking for Steven Beare on Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe.

Beare was last heard from on June 14 when he planned to begin his climb. He never called his wife like he had planned to. In late June, after two weeks of searching, Russian authorities called off their search.

Don Bowie, an athlete from California, has continued to look for Beare. He posted on Facebook within the last couple of days about his search for Steven.

He showed video of what says are broken sections of glaciers that were filled over and appeared as flat snow-fields in June. In a post from Sunday, Bowie said searching conditions were much better at higher elevations.

During the search, Bowie says he and his team found two bodies on Mt. Elbrus, but says they have not found Steven yet.

One body was a well-known climber from Russia who went missing in 1991. In a Facebook post, Bowie said “she carried with her a Soviet era passport and pictures of her two sons – and an extensive diary.” Bowie said her sons have been informed that their mother was found – after not knowing for 26 years.

“I think that's the driving force, they want to be out there to help,” said Dave Haskin of Rampart Search and Rescue in Denver.

Haskin is not part of the crews searching for Beare, but he’s spent 18 years in the field looking for missing people.

“I think the people that are doing search and rescue that is their bread and butter; they want to get in there and help their fellow man.”

In their 96 days on Mt. Elbrus search crews have interviewed climbers and locals. They've also combed over many of the mountain's features several times.

Steven’s wife Olivia says she will continue to look for Steven until he is found.