A show quarter horse belonging to a young girl fell out of the back of a trailer and died near the intersection of Mulberry Street and Interstate 25 on Friday morning.

When Luke Bass, a Colorado State University veterinarian, arrived at the scene about 20 minutes after the incident reported at 9:30 a.m., he said he gave the 8-year-old gelding steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs to ease its pain. But he discovered the horse, Rocket, was struggling and soon thereafter euthanized the horse.

"He was in really bad shape,'' Bass said.

Bass was called to the scene by the horse's owners, who live in Fort Collins, because he is the family's veterinarian. He said the mother and daughter who were in the pickup hauling the trailer were taking the horse to a veterinarian when the accident occurred along Mulberry Street at the Northeast Frontage Road.

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