At Breckenridge Public Works, manager Mark Johnston and his snow plow crews have been spending the last few days clearing snow from miles of sidewalks and roads.

“We clear 22 miles of sidewalks every day and 122 miles of lane streets,” Johnston said. “It’s been coming steady just on and off really keeping us busy and making it look like winter again.”

Which is great news for skiers.

Ashley Smith at the Breckenridge Ski Area says the snow totals picked up fast in the past few days.

“12 inches in the last 48 hours,” Smith said.

Over the last 7 days, they have received 16 inches of fresh powder, which is helping to get terrain open.

“We have trails and lifts on Peak 8 and Peak 9, and we’re going to announce that we are opening Beaver Run Super Chair on Thursday,” Smith said.

It’s a much snowier end to November than how it started, keeping Johnston and his team hard at work doing what they love—clearing snow in a ski town.

“It’s fun for them to get out and get back into the groove,” Johnston said.