South Metro Fire Rescue Fire Protection District is suing the city of Parker for "illegally diverting economic development funds" meant for fire, rescue and emergency services, a news release from South Metro said.

“Parker is siphoning off money that is voter approved for fire protection services,” said South Metro Fire Chief Bob Baker in the release. “People in Parker shouldn’t have to choose between public safety and economic development.”

The lawsuit was filed against the Parker Authority for Reinvestment, which is in charge of the city's urban development and maintenance. It was filed at the Douglas County District Court in Castle Rock.

South Metro Fire Rescue alleges that it has lost more than $300,000 in revenue as of 2016. The news release estimates that it will lose more than $16 million over the 25-year lifespan of the PAR committee.

“This is money that would go to first responders’ needs like equipment for cardiac arrests, thermal imaging cameras to find people in smoke-filled rooms and ballistic vests in high-risk situations,” Baker said in the release.

9NEWS was told the town is working on a response statement.