BERTHOUD – There's an effort underway in Berthoud to create a gate and fence post between the town's history museum and a neighboring building.

The town requested the help a local blacksmith named David Norrie. Norrie is world-renowned for his work, but moved to Berthoud several years back.

"They asked me to create a fence and two sets of gates," Norrie said.

Norrie could have done the work all by himself, but instead he decided to make it a community-wide project.

"Whoever works on it will be able to drive by it and know they've made part of that thing and contributed," he said.

Norrie plans to host groups of residents who are interested in helping at his blacksmith shop every Wednesday until the project is complete.

Not only will they help make the fence, but they'll also learn a thing or two about Norrie's craft.

The history museum that requested Norrie's help was built in the 19th century. Norrie decided to take an original gate design created by an old blacksmith from Berthoud and use it as his blue print.

Norrie made some adjustments to the original concept, but says it's pretty much still in line with what the blacksmith had in mind.

Norrie hopes to have the project complete by September or October.

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