One Denver man loves blue more than you could ever hope to. - trust us.

James Reyes lives in south Denver on Dahlia Street - and has since 1996. That was the last time it wasn't blue.

"It's been painted a couple of times," said James Reyes. "This is the latest version of it. It was white and the trim was salmon pink and that had to go right away."

His toys also follow suit.

"There's the 2014 Honda Accord - that's the pearl blue," he said.

This is just a glimpse, however, of Reyes' world. He's even got denim place mats! It's a fascination that started in 1985 when he was just 21.

"I don't really know why I started but I really like it," Reyes said. "It's very pleasing to the eye to me."

And it's so pleasing that he just kept buying blue.

"There is my 22-year-old blue bike," he said. "Here is my magnet collection." Also very blue. "Lots of blue hats. Some of the jewelry I have is lapis blue and that really lights my soul on fire. I feel it when I look at that blue or like that cobalt blue there in the vase and the glasses on the table."

The phrase 'feeling blue' doesn't mean anything like it does for you and me to Reyes. Does it mean he's sad?

"Not at all," he said. "I don't feel that at all - it's the opposite for me, I like it, it's very soothing to me there is no sadness at all for me - it's happiness for me."

At his home in his town that continues to bubble blue. He's happy to live in a town that loves blue, as well - but the city probably doesn't love it quite as much as him.

And what about the other colors? For instance, does he like green?

"Yeah, but it's not my favorite," he said. When asked what his favorite color actually is, well, that may just be a mystery we'll never solve.

"Well, I wouldn't know," he said laughing.

Reyes added that he doesn't collect as much blue as he used to, but he has enough for more than one lifetime. He said he is going on a cruise this summer that coincidentally has a blue themed party. He plans to pull out his old blue fur pants.