KUSA - Life is like a blank canvas. It's what you put on it that tells a story.

What would you put on a blank canvas? What tells the story of your life? Scott Smith and Jennifer Grimm's blank canvas was their first home in Golden. They were excited for a fresh start and a clean slate. But something stopped them from achieving this right away. There was a perfectly ugly wall inside their new home.

"It was disgusting ... puke color," Grimm said.

That ugly wall clearly needed some love. So using beetle kill from last summer's wildfires, Scott nailed wood planks together, and Jennifer painted a story on the wood. They called their creation "Colorado Woodcraft." It was Jennifer and Scott's life story on wood. Each wooden creation, each painting, is a story of their life together in Colorado.

The wooden masterpiece they created takes that ugly wall inside their home and gives it meaning.

"We threw it up there and put it on social media, and 50 people wanted one, and it grew from there. It was kinda crazy," Scott said.

They became accidental entrepreneurs from the inspiration of a blank and ugly wall. Orders are coming in from all over the world. Both Scott and Jennifer quit their day jobs to keep up with demand.

"Everybody tries and fails," Jennifer said. "That's life and you learn from your mistakes."

They both learned from the one mistake they made with their new home. They bought a home with an ugly wall. And it was the best mistake they've ever made.

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