Roy Hess collects a lot of things from figurines to musical instruments to historic cars. But, nothing takes him back like his 1926 Ford Model T pickup truck.

"It's a fairly significant one," Hess said.

About a hundred years ago, Ford has an assembly line on south Broadway in Denver. From 1914 to 1932, 150 Model T cars were made each day and Hess has a special connection.

"Because it was a '26 and assembled in Denver, my father was involved in it to some degree as it came through the line," Hess said.

His dad worked as an upholsterer at the Ford plant. Every time the Northglenn man drives the historic car, he feels his father's presence within the car.

"The car just represents a certain era in Colorado that's gone and he's gone," Hess said. "I just kind of like to touch the past."