BOULDER – Michael Grab knows what everyone who sees his work is thinking: He has to be using glue - there's no way he can stack river rocks the way he does without it, right?


"Sometimes the rock wins, but most of the time I win," said Grab as he sports an impish grin standing in a foot of slowly moving water.

Grab figures there are maybe five professional rock stackers in the world.

"I did tell my bank I stack rocks for a living," he said.

Apparently, his credit is still good.

"When somebody sees something they think is impossible, it has a really interesting impact on the person's mind as they try to argue with their senses," he said.

"That looks impossible," said one onlooker.

"I don't see how he can do that," said another.

Grab says it all comes down to patience.

"I'm basically feeling the vibrations of the rocks as they kind of roll over one another," he said. "Whenever it rolls over one of those notches it kind of clicks or locks until you really can't go anywhere else."

One rock stack can take him three minutes or three hours.

"I feel like it's therapy for my spirit," he said.

Six years into this, Grab's gift of defying gravity has sent him around the world. For more on Grab, you can check out his website at:

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