Keenon and Laura Stillman’s love story began at Denver's South High School more than 30 years ago. In fact, the couple just celebrated the 32nd anniversary of their first kiss.

But although they’re now grandparents, they still look at each other like high school sweethearts.

The couple’s story is now part of the book "Denver in Color", a project that features the photos and stories of local interracial couples.

Several local couples appear in Denver in Color, a book that features photos and stories of area interracial couples.

The idea originally began as a documentary when author Jason Davis (now based in Atlanta) noticed a number of interracial couples in Denver.

He collaborated with photographer Jonathan Castner who sought to capture the true essence of each couple.

“[The goal was] to do a very simple portrait that shows them in that moment of love and caring,” Castner said.

Davis and Castner wanted to specifically focus on couples where one person was black and the other was white.

“What we needed to do was find interesting people with a story to tell who happen to be in interracial relationships,” Castner said. “We decided the easiest way to show that is probably with this culture’s greatest divide: white people and black people.”

The Stillman’s friends Jeff and Brenda Herrick are also featured in the book.

Brenda is from the Bahamas. Jeff grew up in areas that ranged from Nebraska to Florida.

They managed to find each other in California.

“It’s her smile that caught me. I just fell in love with that smile,” Jeff said.

Jeff and Brenda Herrick are also featured in the book. The couple met in California.

The Herricks talk about their lives in a relationship that’s completely normal to them, but maybe not to everyone else.

“I’ve had someone ask me ‘Why are you not married to a black man?’” Brenda said.

The couples hope by being featured in the book, they'll show positive images of interracial relationships and prove people are more alike than different.

"Denver in Color" will be officially released on June 12, just one day after Loving Day, a celebration of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision which banned state laws that prohibited interracial marriages.

You can find more information on the book on the following web pages:

Website: Denver In Color