Depositions from those in Taylor Swift's camp paint a picture of what they say happened right after the superstar alleges a Denver radio DJ lifted up her skirt and grabbed her behind during a meet and greet.

David Mueller, a former radio DJ for KYGO, sued Swift after he says he was fired for the false allegation that he inappropriately touched the 10-time Grammy winner. Swift countersued for assault and battery that centers on the pair's interaction on June 2, 2013.

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Gabrielle Liddicoat, Swift's personal assistant at the time, said during a deposition that Swift looked "uncomfortable" right after the photo was taken, but didn't say anything about the alleged incident until the room was empty. That's when Liddicoat says Swift told her team Mueller touched her butt.

Screengrab from Liddicoat's deposition

It was from there that Swift's security went to find Mueller, Gregory Dent said during a recorded deposition. Dent was on Swift's security team at the time of this meet and greet.

Dent told lawyers he had a direct line of sight of Swift, Mueller and Shannon Melcher, Mueller's then-girlfriend, at the time the photo was taken.

"Before the photo was taken is when I saw him go to put his arm around her and him lift up her skirt," Dent said. "She reacted, pushed her skirt down, and jumped to the side and went closer to the girl that was with him."

Screengrab from Dent's deposition

Dent, who told lawyers he had been a security guard for Swift for three of her tours, said he had never seen Swift react like that from somebody touching her.

The meet and greet didn't stop then, Dent says. Swift finished up with the other people in line before she brought it to her camp's attention, he says.

Melcher, Mueller's then-girlfriend (she says the two broke up near the end 2013) said right after they met Swift, Mueller commented on the photo.

"What Mr. Mueller said to me was that it was a very awkward photo," Melcher said. "Those are the words he used after we were walking out."

When she asked Mueller why he thought the photo was awkward, he mentioned it was because the positioning was awkward and he was trying to lean in to the photo.

Screengrab from Melcher's deposition

Melcher, also an employee of KYGO at the time (she says she left the company about a month after the incident), said Mueller didn't mention anything about touching Swift on her butt, but did say the positioning was awkward.

"He had told me that he had tried to lean in, which, of course, I just said I could see him trying to get in the photo, and that it just seemed awkward," Melcher said.

Melcher told lawyers she asked Mueller if he had done it after the allegations surfaced, but says she didn't get a yes or no answer.

"His response was, How could you ask me that?" Melcher recalled.

Screengrab from Melcher's deposition

She did say from her relationship with Mueller, it would be "hard to believe" he would "intentionally do something like that to a woman."

"I don't have eyes in the back of my head. I don't know for sure, but I would say that he from the time we spent together, he is not the type of man who would intentionally do something like that," Melcher said.

Swift will be in Denver for the trial that begins on Aug. 7 in a Denver federal court. The 9NEWS digital team will be covering the trial in-depth.