Taylor Swift’s mother says she was “upset to the extent where she wanted to cry and vomit at the same time” when she learned her daughter believed a man had groped her during a meet-and-greet.

During a testimony where at one point she burst into tears, Andrea Swift said former DJ David Mueller was the first person her daughter had ever accused of assault during her entire career, which spanned countless meet-and-greets and radio interviews.

“We had never found ourselves in this position before,” Andrea Swift said. “It was inconceivable how it could take place and where it took place. It was shocking and we were shocked. We really didn’t know what to do.”

Taylor Swift claims before her June 2, 2013, show at the Pepsi Center, Mueller “grabbed her bare ass” during a meet-and-greet. Mueller claims this isn’t true, and filed a lawsuit arguing that this false accusation has prevented him from getting another job in radio.

The pop star countersued for assault and battery, arguing that Mueller has caused her severe emotional distress.

Taylor Swift is asking for $1. During court, Mueller said he is not asking for the $3 million in damages experts recommended, saying that instead, he wants whatever the jury sees fit.

Mueller finished his testimony Wednesday afternoon, and Swift’s mother was the next person to take the stand.

In between talking about her daughter’s ascension to becoming one of the most famous music artists in the world, Andrea Swift discussed the unique management system her daughter has in place and the events just after the alleged assault.

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She says she found out about it when she walked into her daughter’s dressing room.

“She said ‘Mom, a man grabbed my ass,’” Andrea Swift recalled. This prompted her management team to dig up the photo of Taylor Swift and Mueller that has since been leaked to TMZ and to eject him from the venue.

In addition, Taylor Swift’s management team made the decision to contact Mueller’s employer, KYGO. They did not call the police because Andrea Swift said she did not want to make what happened public since it would begin to define her daughter.

During cross-examination, Andrea Swift’s attorney showed the photo of Taylor and Mueller -- something the singer’s mother wanted never to see the light of day.

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“I saw it I knew there was something horribly wrong going on in that picture,” Andrea Swift testified. “Because of her body and this look in her eyes of … I know those eyes better than anybody and I can tell by the way she’s pulling over and her body is at an awkward angle because she’s literally pulling away as far as she can.

“She has a smile frozen on her face. She smiles for so many pictures. It’s … there’s something going on in her eyes. I just looked at it and I was sickened.”

Andrea Swift says she wanted Mueller to be fired but she knew it was ultimately KYGO’s decision.

When asked if she had any doubts about Taylor’s story or sought other witnesses, Andrea Swift had an emotional reply.

“I know exactly what happened,” she said. “He sexually assaulted her -- right there,” she added, pointed to Mueller in the courtroom.

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She claims the alleged groping incident “absolutely shattered” the trust for Swift’s team.

“It made us do a bunch of things different,” she said. “Our meet and greets are much smaller. We now have metal detectors. We now do background checks. It scared us really badly.”

Andrea Swift said in wake of the incident, Taylor will no longer perform in the crowd at concerts.

Wednesday’s testimony marked the second day of what’s expected to be a nine-day trial. Following an afternoon break, Andrea Swift will face redirect questions from Mueller’s legal team.

Taylor Swift is also expected to take the stand at some point.