The day after a car drove through a Parker running store, some customers remain in the hospital including a teenage girl.

Seven people were injured Saturday afternoon and police say the driver may have had a medical problem.

A Facebook page has been set up to support teen Rylie Guentensberger who was critically injured when the car drove into the store. She's being treated at Children's Hospital.

Her mother, who was in the store with her when the crash happened, posted on the Facebook page saying the next couple of days will not be easy for her daughter. There is a gathering planned to support Rylie and her family Monday night at Aspen View Academy. It's set to start at 6 p.m.

Jim Browning stood in front of his boarded up shop Sunday afternoon, a day after a car jumped curbs in the parking lot, hit a car and drove through the front of RNK Running & Walking.

"The front door itself is actually right here. This is where the front windows are, and she came in right here," Browning described as he stood in front of the boarded up window. "So, it couldn't have been a worse line up from our standpoint."

Browning was out back at the time and not hurt, but two of his employees and four customers were injured along with the driver. 

"The windows, honestly, just exploded," Browning said.

Inside the store, shoes, shelving and glass are scattered on the floor, but one thing is missing.

"There's no skid marks anywhere. So you can tell that this vehicle wasn't being stopped at all," Browning said.

He said everything was pushed to the back wall including the people inside.

The store and its $250,000 worth of merchandise is nearly a total loss, but Browning isn't thinking about shoes.

"There are still people in the hospital and that's really where our focus is. From there, we can work on the product, the temporary location," he said.

The new location will be next door in the same shopping center near Parker and Stroh roads. There's no timeline yet on when it will open.

Browning is overwhelmed by the help from the community. On Saturday night, he said two dozen people helped clean up the mess.

"Brooms and shovels in hand. I am absolutely humbled by that outreach," he said.

Store information and updates on how the employees and customers are doing will be posted on the RNK Facebook page.'