There’s a good chance the extra virgin olive oil you splurged on at the grocery story isn’t the real deal.

It’s touted as a golden elixir simultaneously capable of dressing up your fettuccine and lowering your cancer risk, but the olive oil industry is fraught with incredible corruption – like, mafia-level corruption – because imports are unregulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

One widely cited 2010 report from the University of California, Davis' world-renowned Olive Center found more than two-thirds of imported “extra virgin” olive oil didn’t meet the standards for the label. That’s a big problem for a country on track to set a record with more than 300,000 tons of olive oil imported this year, and an even bigger one for Fort Collins foodies and health nuts forking over extra cash for a fraudulent product.

The FDA is developing its first testing and sampling system for olive oil imports, and the agency must present a plan to ensure consumer safety and proper labeling of imported olive oil by Jan. 18.

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