If you’re the type of person who likes to walk up a steep flight of stairs on a mountain for fun, then tentatively mark your calendar for Dec. 1.

Keyword: tentatively.

The Manitou Springs Incline, which has been closed for the past few months for a restoration effort, is slated to reopen soon. Of course, given that Colorado weather tends to be finicky, that Dec. 1 date isn’t finalized, according to Krithika Prashant, the spokesperson for the Colorado Springs government.

So, basically, you could do the Incline again on Dec. 1, but don’t plan on it until the city gives the official ok.

Prashant says the city expects to send out a news release early next week announcing the official reopening date.

In the meantime (and granted, this should go without saying but you know how some people are), Prashant asks that people please stay off the Incline to ensure the safety of the construction crew.

The Incline is a notorious hiking trail that gains more than 2,000 feet in elevation over less than a mile, with an average grade of 45 percent – though it gets as steep as 68 percent in spots.

Climbing it used to technically be illegal, but now it’s a lot more regulated – and pretty darn busy too.

You can read about the incline here: http://bit.ly/2memZeX

And if you wonder what it's like, here's former 9NEWS Sports Photojournalist Reno Boyd learning that he can't keep up with professional athletes on this notoriously physical endeavor:

Poor dude.