All eyes were on the unveiling of one of the state's oldest findings Friday.

Scientists uncased the fossil of a triceratops that crews dug up last week at a construction site in Thornton.

People who came to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science just for a normal visit were shocked at what they got to see.

“We didn't know this was going to be here today so to see this is very amazing,” said Terry, a 10th grader who came with his class.

Multiple people stood outside the museum to witness history in the making.

“This is going to be one of the most complete dinosaurs anywhere in Colorado,” said Joe Sertich, curator of dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of nature and Science.

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“This turns out to be one of the most complete skulls and we have more, we got the top of the neck all the way to the tip of the tail and we haven't found anything in-between yet but I think we're going to have it in the next couple of days,” Sertich said.

Scientists covered the fossils in a mold so they could safely bring it to the museum.

“It's a lot of weight and a lot of dinosaur in there so I'm pretty nervous,” Sertich said.

As they carefully sawed through the cast, people had different reactions.

“I'm into dinosaurs myself so finding a bone here is pretty cool and a once in lifetime opportunity,” Zaien Reagor, who came with his program, said.

“We came here because my wife is into to old things and this is older than her,” Terry Hill said.

They believe what they found is more than 60 million years old, and they still have more to dig up.

“We're sitting on the last dinosaur's ecosystems including t-rex and triceratops and their found all over the Denver Metro area,” Sertich said.

Scientists say it could take at least year to carefully clean the bone, then they will move on to getting it ready for display.

He even said people should go outside in their backyard and start digging and see what they can find.

While searching, they even found the tooth of a T-Rex.