The Town of Frederick is marking 2017, and looking ahead to the future. The town filled a time capsule Thursday, then buried it Friday afternoon.

"It was a really fun thing to do to bring the community together," said Megan Williams, the town's community relations manager.

Several town agencies, and people that live in Frederick, took items to be added to the capsule to a special dedication ceremony Thursday night.

Local schools added yearbooks and items from the school. The Frederick-Firestone Protection District added a helmet and challenge coin. Frederick mayor Tony Carey added a sealed letter, only for the eyes of the mayor in 2107, when the capsule will be opened.

Residents also added their own mementos to the capsule.

"We have resident named Liberta Hattel, and she has lived in the community her whole life, her parents lived here, her grandparents worked in the mines back when the town was first started," said Williams. "She put in a couple of Italian recipes, because of her Italian heritage."

Williams says the most exciting part was seeing all the different items people wanted to add.

"We also had all of our town staff write letters and we kind of wanted them to think about what do you think it will be like then, and our public works director was like I hope you're not fixing roads because your cars are flying," she said.

Officials chose 2107, 90 years from now, to open the capsule because that will be the town's bicentennial.
Frederick was incorporated in 1907.