The highway to the sky took a little longer to open this year.

Several feet of snow in May added to the duties of the plow drivers on America's highest continuous road. But it was finally able to open to drivers on Wednesday.

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In some areas the snow was still 14 feet high.

The road opened just in time for a time for a first look for Katie and Ross Lunsford.

"Before I start working in the real world I decided to come see more of the real world," said Katie Lunsford.

Thursday they were standing at around 11,000 feet.

"I was sort of speechless when we got up here," said Ross Lunsford.

Together they caught a glimpse of the 48-mile long Trail Ridge Road.

The temperature dropped ten degrees in five minutes as the road climbed deeper into the Rockies.

"It's like nothing you can find anywhere else in the country," said Kelly Middendorf.

It ultimately reaches more than 12,000 feet making it the highest continuous paved road in the country.

"I don't know how they do it whatever they did to get those roads open. We are really grateful for that," said Lunsford.

The road usually opens Memorial Day weekend but evidence of the last snow storm still stands tall above the cars driving by and opening day was pushed back to Wednesday.

It comes with a word of caution to be prepared. As the snow melts it can freeze again and drivers need to be aware of ice.

A parks spokeswoman says the Alpine Visitor Center and Trail Ridge Store could open Friday. Because of the changing and potentially icy conditions rangers are asking people to check with the park for updates on the roads before visitors head to the park by calling (970) 586-1222.