Memorial signs for victims of car crashes don’t always say much about the person being remembered.

A new sign in Aurora does. On Sunday morning, a sign was unveiled at the corner of East Orchard Road and South Genoa Street to honor the memory of 16-year-old Phoebe Lester.

“I can feel the love from everyone and I very much appreciate it, and I know Phoebe would appreciate it, too,” Pam Lester said to the crowd gathered at the intersection.

The blue sign posted beside the sidewalk reads, “In loving memory of Phoebe Brooks Lester. Forever in Our hearts. One life. One love. One destiny.”

The sign intends to capture in a few words the essence of a young life cut short.

“One life. One love. One destiny. That’s something that Phoebe had always said. And she does like reggae and Bob Marley,” Pam said. “She’s a free spirit. Always has been.”

Phoebe Lester was riding in the backseat of an Audi just before midnight on July 25. Colorado State Patrol says a suspected drunk driver crashed into the Audi as it made a left turn onto Orchard. Phoebe Lester was taken to the hospital and died from her injuries. The driver of the Audi, the front seat passenger and the driver of the other car were also hospitalized with serious injuries.

“It makes my heart break just to know how this accident did happen,” Pam Lester said. “Phoebe’s life was beautiful and it meant something to me and every one of the people that were here.”

Nearly a hundred people showed up for the unveiling of Phoebe’s memorial sign. Some brought flowers, and nearly everyone gave Pam a hug. Sixteen balloons in Phoebe’s favorite color of Tiffany blue were released into the sky.

“I wanted to give her a message to heaven,” Pam said.

Colorado State Patrol said Sunday that charges are pending against the suspected drunk driver, Christopher Tetley.