With the emotions following the election still close to the surface signs of unity are also there, and especially powerful.

On Thursday, those signs could be found in Aurora at Fox Hollow Elementary’s annual Veteran's Day Parade.

“I think it's just really positive to see children supporting their country and supporting their veterans,” said Carrie Kerns whose two daughters were marching in the parade.

“It makes me proud,” added veteran Terry Vaughn. “From generals to colonels [service] is one big organization.”

Vaughn served three years in the military. One was spent in Vietnam. On this day he spent his time appreciating the 700 kids marching in his honor.

One of them was his grandson Kylar.

“I can't really explain [the emotions],” Kylar said.

Most of the 15 other veterans at the parade have dementia.

“Really proud of the students, really proud of the elders they did a great job,” said Jenni Seaman.

Seaman is a caretaker at Chelsea Place Memory Care, which helped organize Thursday’s parade. She hoped including the veterans would ease their ailments.

“That history they have as a veteran resides in their long-term memory which is still intact even through the dementia process,” she said.

A student choir was used to bring joy and connection; connection between students and veterans, and connection between veterans and themselves.

“We have a very deep connection,” Seaman added. “They're not my work, they're not my job. They're my friends and my family and my passion and to be able to open up their world like this- it just makes me so proud.”

The compassion on this day was undeniable.

“[My grandfather] fought for all of us,” said Kylar, hugging his Terry tight.

So too was the promise that compassion will bring.

“It means there's hope for our future generations,” Terry said.