A bull got loose at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Friday morning, and one woman caught it on video.

Nancy Lindo, told 9NEWS in an email that she is a volunteer at Foothills Animal Shelter. When she came to start her shift at the fairgrounds, she saw that everyone was lined up in the back, facing the fairgrounds' track.

A bull had gotten loose as he was being unloaded for the junior rodeo this weekend. And he was angry, she said.

Everyone took shelter behind the chain link fence, and Lindo shot the video while the bull was corralled.

Kindra Mazurek had a daughter, Aleah, competing in the rodeo. She told 9NEWS they had been asked to help wrangle the escaped bull, as they had shown up for the event early on Thursday evening and were the only ones there with horses.

The bull was more aggressive than what she and her daughter were used to. In her experience, if you stared a bull down he’ll run away, she said.

But this bull took a charge at both her and her daughter.

Their goal was to act as barriers and keep the bull off the highway, as he would have surely caused an accident.

A pickup man roped the bull, and the two Mazureks followed the bull back to his pen to ensure he wouldn’t break free again. The bull was so worn out from his resistance that he collapsed just before the road to his pen, taking a few moments to catch his breath, she said.

Had they been unable to re-capture the bull, Mazurek said he would have been shot.

“Even though he was aggressive and mean, I wouldn’t want to see that,” she said.

Mazurek was told that the bull will be used in the rodeo, but she hasn’t seen him in action yet.