This crazy video of a water main break at W. 29th Avenue and Zuni Street in the Highlands area was provided by Scott Willey's page SW digital over on Vimeo.

It shows water covering Zuni Street with a pretty intense-looking current. People can be spotted taking their own videos and just generally marveling at the speed and amount of water.

The break brought in crews from Denver Water to shut the water off and begin repairs. Officials say repairs to the 24-inch pipe that burst will take through the night through the morning rush - 29th will stay closed between Zuni and Umatilla to traffic.

Police are asking residents to avoid the standing (or rushing) water if at all possible (meaning don't ride your bike, walk or drive through it).

No word yet on the cause of the break, but torrents of water were coming from under the road. Nine customers will be without water until at least Thursday afternoon, water crews say.