Even with the weekend snowfall, Monday marks the first day of watering rules in Denver for 2017.

There are two main rules to follow, according to Denver Water. Officials said do not water your lawn between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and do not water more than three days per week.

"You need to make sure you repair those broken sprinkler heads within 10 days," Denver Water spokeswoman Stacy Chesney said. "Don't water when it's raining, snowing or super windy."

Chesney said the rules help keep water in rivers and streams. They're also designed to help in case of a drought.

"We really need to use water efficiently to help get us through the dry times in the future," Chesney said.

Violators could face fines of $50 or more, however, Chesney said it's not likely.

"We don't really want to issue fines," she said. "Our goal is to help educate customers make sure they know what the rules are to help them have a healthy landscape and use water wisely."

The rules are in effect until October 1.

Denver Water has a few things posted on its website to help you use your water efficiently including a video and infographic of the rules as well as five summertime water misperceptions.