It's been 24 hours since widespread reports of a loud boom that rattled windows across the town of Lochbuie.

Yet, there’s still no definitive answer from authorities on what the source was.

The COGCC says there's been nothing unusual they can report, ruling out complications with oil and gas lines.

Fort Lupton and Brighton Fire officials are also ruling out an explosion. Brighton fire received several calls from different parts of the area around 9 p.m. Monday.

They say they investigated two of the scenes calls came from and couldn’t find an odor, flames or an explosion site.

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The only thing that may suggest anything comes from the USGS. They say one of their seismographs registered a waveform comparable to a freight engine rolling by around the same time the calls of a boom rolled in.

Whether or not the two are related is still a mystery.

“Would've been nice to have known what was going on and what everyone was talking about,” Ethan Johansen said.

It’s a mystery Johansen says he would’ve like to have been a part of. Johansen was working his shift at the Shell gas station off Interstate 76 in Lochbuie when people reported the boom. He heard and felt nothing, even though he wished he had.

“Everybody has come in with some story of what they think it is,” he said. “[I heard it was] a gas vein blowing up. Someone said it sounded like an artillery shell going off, and someone else said it sounded like the jets taking off and them hitting their engines full throttle.”

Denver International Airport said there's no reason to believe a plane caused the noise.
There have been various other mysterious booms heard round the country recently including one last week in Alabama.

Nobody knows what caused those either.