Roofers in Lakewood have an idea of what might have brought down the roof of one apartment building in Lakewood.

Planet Roofing was scheduled to begin work Monday on a re-shingling project after the Maplewood Village Apartments were hit hard by a hail storm last month.

Sunday afternoon's collapse stopped that work and forced nearly 80 people out of their homes.

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The weight of the shingles and where they were placed on the roof might be what caused the collapse, according to the roofing company.

One of the company's owners, Jess Driggers, said usually shingles are evenly spread out and take up the entire length of the roof. In this particular case, Driggers said it appeared the shingles were spread out across only half of the roof.

"As far as the way they were loaded, we don't feel that was done properly," he said. "Too much weight in one area can cause a roof to go."

However, the blame for the collapsed roof may not rest with Planet Roofing. It's pretty standard to hire supply companies to provide the shingles and set them out on the roof before roofing companies begin the actual work, according to Driggers.

The City of Lakewood has not yet said if the shingles caused the collapse.

Driggers said Planet Roofing is working with its insurance company to help some of the residents find temporary housing.

The American Red Cross is helping out, too. Only three of the residents stayed in the organization's shelter Sunday night, according to spokeswoman Nigel Holderby. Other people stayed with friends, families or in hotels.

However, a few of the residents said they've been sleeping in their cars because they're afraid of potential looting at the apartments. They have not been told yet when they'll be allowed back in their homes.