Buckley Air Force Base gave 9NEWS an up-close look at its active shooter training Wednesday.

The scenario involved a gunman shooting up a department store on the base, and having five agencies respond.

Stories like these have been covered before, but what set Wednesday apart was the realism.

Responding agencies, which included the FBI and Aurora PD, were not aware of what was happening. They simply received a call saying, “This is an exercise we have an active shooter.”

“It’s creating controlled chaos if that makes sense,” said Buckley Master Sgt. Dave Kechter. “We want to see how all our troops on the ground handle that.”

Kechter spent 12 weeks planning and organizing the drill, which happens four times a year.

“We train how we operate,” he said.

Since the Aurora theater shooting in 2012 the Aurora Police Department, along with the Air Force Base, has increased the frequency of its drills.

As real world events happen they change the scenarios to reflect real-life situations that may happen.

“Coming in it was chaotic. You have individuals down screaming for help,” said Tech Sergeant Antonio Burton with the Air Force Base.

Burton has more than ten years of experience with the Air Force and says he has never been in a real active shooter scenario.

Keeping active with these drills, he says, keeps his memory attuned and nerves calm.

“You’re trying to move past people that are crying for help, that you know may not make it, but you need to move towards the threat [and] take the threat out,” he said.

On Tuesday agencies trained by responding to a fake bomb threat.