Over the past couple of days, multiple people who take Speer Boulevard to get to the 9NEWS office have noticed the same thing: a puddle that just keeps on growing in the part of the road that passes under Broadway.

There has been enough water in the right lane to the point that it’s been slowing down traffic in the morning, so we called Denver Public Works to see exactly what has been happening.

Spokesperson Heather Burke says one of the pump stations in the area had an electrical problem, causing groundwater to flow onto the road.

In an email Wednesday afternoon, she said a crew has since fixed the issue and things should be back up and running.

Here’s a video of what the road looked like before the problem was fixed:

Burke says they received a report of the water on Tuesday, and a crew went out and addressed the problem. They weren’t able to hone in on the electrical issue, though, until Wednesday.

“Now that it’s fixed, we don’t anticipate it happening again,” she wrote in an email.

So, if you also have a commute that takes you down Speer, now you know why you had to drive through so much water this week.

The wet ramp getting back into daylight on Speer Boulevard from the stretch underneath Broadway. In the distance, you can see the 9NEWS office ... which is probably why so many people noticed this.