A Colorado photographer is looking for the woman who sold her a very special wedding gown from the 1950’s.

For no other reason than - she wants to share the photos with her.

Kimberly Hardouin bought the dress about a year ago for a wedding shoot.

A woman was selling her mother's wedding dress - on an online sale group. The woman's mom had recently passed away. She came upon the dress when she was cleaning out her house.

Hardouin bought it for $25.00.

She received the vintage dress along with a picture of the woman's mom wearing it on her wedding day.

Hardouin said she would share the photos with the woman after the shoot.

Since taking the photos in September, Hardouin hasn't been able to find the woman. She has tried posting on the sales group, but is yet to have any luck.

"I don't want to stop looking," said Hardouin. "It's tearing me up inside that I've potentially lost her contact."

So if the dress in these pictures looks familiar - give ‘Photography by Kimberly’ a call at 785-393-3517.