Glenwood Post Independent Publisher and Editor Randy Essex and his staff work hard to report the latest news – but right now, it’s news from 30 years ago that’s putting them in the international spotlight.

“This has got international interest,” Essex said. “I got an email from the Daily Mail in London asking to use the photos.”

For years, everyone walked by an old safe in the lobby that people thought was locked for good.

“It’s a curiosity with the hand-painted lettering on it, and I was told a locksmith looked at it and said there was no way of opening it,” Essex said.

Then, locksmith Wade Winton thought maybe he could take a crack at it.

“It’s part of my job, and we do it more often than you would think,” Winton said.

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He not only found a way in, but they found some amazing history inside.

Among the relics? A trove of photos of serial killer Ted Bundy, who led police on a six-day manhunt near Glenwood in the 70s before he was arrested and photographed by a Glenwood Post journalist back in court.

“Ted Bundy is such a creep you see him in these photos and he’s got this big smile on his face,” Essex said.

It’s one mystery that’s been solved. Another sits just a few feet away.

“There’s a safe built into the wall of the building,” Essex said.

This safe has also been locked for years – and it’s just waiting to be cracked.

“They’re time capsules back to the past,” Winton said.

It too might hold more pieces of Glenwood’s history.

“Heck, maybe Doc Holliday’s real derringer is in that safe,” Essex said.